US Rockers Mr Big to Play Leeds O2

mr big play leeds o2

After a career spanning nearly four decades, Mr Big has been a staple of the rock music scene since their formation in Los Angeles in 1988.

With a diverse back catalogue, spanning across most genres of rock, it was their softer rock ballad, ‘Be With You’, a number-one single in 15 countries released back in 1992, that really cemented their success and popularity in music history.

On a farewell tour, the band will be playing their 1991 second studio album, Lean Into It, in its entirety alongside other tracks from their distinguished career. The album was a major commercial breakthrough, providing fans with some of the best rock songs ever compiled on one album.

The tour sees the three remaining members of Mr Big – Eric Martin (vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar/vocals) and Billy Sheehan (bass/vocals) saying goodbye over the next two years, and paying tribute to their drummer and co-founder Pat Torpey, who passed away five years ago.

Paul Gilbert says of The Big Finish: “We’re in the process of making sure we come up with a suitably big entertainment extravaganza to go along with our music. And since our music has resonated so wonderfully in places all over the world, we’re going to play in as many of those places as we can.”

Eric Martin adds: “If we were in the movie business, we’d just put it all up in lights and say, ‘Welcome to ‘The BIG Finish’!’ Seriously, I’m glad we’re getting a chance to do it all onstage together as Mr. Big again and raise a flag to everything we’ve done as a band over the years.”

Joining them on the drum kit on the multi-year trek will be friend of the band Nick D’Virgilio (Spock‚Äôs Beard, Big Big Train).

“We found a wonderful drummer in Nick, and he’s got a great voice too,” says Billy Sheehan. “Nick has a vocal range similar to Pat’s, and he’ll be able to do the parts Pat did with a similar finesse. It’s a big relief because Mr. Big has always been heavy on the harmonies. When the band began, we really relied on each other.

Agreeing, Paul Gilbert adds: “Nick gets close to the spirit of Pat Torpey. Billy, Eric, and I have been really happy with the music we’ve already shared back and forth. I’m impressed with Nick’s level of musical adaptability and breadth of skill. I love the fact that Nick was a fan of Pat Torpey and wants to keep our BIG sound intact,” says Eric Martin. “When I first saw his audition demo video of the ‘Lean Into It’ song ‘Lucky This Time’, Nick was playing drums with those signature Pat snare hits and singing harmonies spot on to what Pat used to do. It gave me goosebumps!! I am so thrilled to have this man who will be filling some mighty BIG shoes join us on our last tour.”

Mr Big will be playing Leeds O2 Academy on 22nd July 2024 – support comes from Living Colour. Tickets here.

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