The Wedding Present to Play Leeds for Bizarro 35th Anniversary

The Wedding Present 35 years Bizarro

Date: Saturday, 5th October | Venue: o2 Academy, Leeds

The Wedding Present will be playing a series of concert dates at the end of 2024 to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the release of their classic major-label debut long-player, Bizarro.

The shows will see the David Gedge-led indie legends performing a 90-minute set that will include the 1989 album in full – together with other classics from their extensive repertoire. These headline dates include a hometown show at Leeds’ O2 Academy.

the wedding present bizarro leeds o2Of the upcoming tour David Gedge says: “Bizarro was our second album and you can hear on it how much we had learned from the experience of recording our debut, George Best. You only have to listen to something like ‘Bewitched’ to notice that there’s much more in the way of texture and depth on Bizarro. We’d just improved as songwriters and arrangers, basically. It’s no less-frenetic a record, though!”

“Idiosyncratic songs”

Released on RCA Records back in 1989, Bizarro was The Wedding Present’s second proper studio album and first on a major label. An album that replaced the frenetic jangle of their earlier years with a newfound darkness and power, the record found vocalist David Gedge taking his idiosyncratic songs laced with heartbreak, despair and sarcasm to a whole new level.

Arguably the fullest realisation of The Wedding Present sound to that point, the album features the unstoppable lead single ‘Kennedy’ (which would become the band’s first UK Top 40 hit in 1989), plus their anthemic calling cardBrassneck’, which would chart at No.24 in the UK Singles Chart when released the following year.

A steely, diverse album from a band beginning to hit their creative stride, highlights elsewhere on the record include the sparse ‘What Have I Said Now?’, the grinding slow-jam ‘Bewitched’, and the epic closer ‘Take Me!’.

Toying with extremes of tempo and mood, Bizarro is hailed as a vibrant hybrid of astringency and quintessential pop euphoria, and it remains a seminal chapter in The Wedding Present story. The band will be playing the album in its entirety when they come home to Leeds.

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