Keane’s ‘Hopes and Fears’ 20th Anniversary Tour Comes to Leeds

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In a celebration of their debut album, Keane is set to release a remastered version of ‘Hopes and Fears’ on May 10, 2024, precisely 20 years after its groundbreaking debut.

This milestone coincides with an epic world tour that commences on April 1st in Mexico City and takes the band through Europe, including a highly anticipated stop at Leeds Arena on Friday 3rd May, 2024.

Hopes and Fears remains a pinnacle in Keane’s career, boasting record-breaking achievements. It stands as one of the best-selling albums in UK chart history, amassing over 2.5 million sales in the UK within its inaugural year and an additional million in the USA, largely driven by the timeless anthem, ‘Somewhere Only We Know.’ In the UK, Hopes and Fears shines as a 9x platinum marvel, a testament to its enduring popularity, while the album has sold over 10 million copies globally.

Keane emerged alongside a new wave of musical pioneers, including Snow Patrol, Scissor Sisters, the Killers, and Coldplay, reshaping the music landscape. They trailblazed by centring their sound on keyboards, infusing their songs with emotive depth. ‘Everybody’s Changing,’ a standout track from Hopes and Fears, not only won hearts but also climbed the charts, becoming a fan favourite and a top-five hit.

In 2004, Keane claimed the title of the UK’s best-selling British artist, followed by two BRIT Awards in the subsequent year: Best British Album for Hopes and Fears and the British Breakthrough Act Award, as voted by Radio 1 listeners.

“Another dimension”

keane hopes and fears preview cover‘Somewhere Only We Know’ has recently experienced a resurgence on TikTok, going viral in Indonesia and sparking a global revival of the track. Currently, it racks up an impressive two million daily Spotify streams and has become Island Records’ top-selling single in the past year, amassing over a billion streams in total.

The upcoming tour in 2024 will serve as a tribute to Keane’s remarkable body of work, spanning from their debut to 2019’s studio album Cause and Effect.

Lead singer Tom Chaplin fondly recalls the debut’s creation, stating, “I remember standing by that amazing old mixing desk at Heliocentric Studios where we made Hopes and Fears, listening to an early mix of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’. I had this feeling that we’d come up with something that had an extra bit of magic. Making music is so often a process full of doubt… but on this occasion, there was something undeniable about what we’d created.”

Founding band member and songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley reflects on their journey, saying, “When I think about these songs, I still picture us playing them in little rooms in pubs around the UK. I remember how exciting it was watching the crowds start to grow. Those songs opened the door to another dimension for us; everything that has happened in our lives since then was born out of that moment. It’s an incredible privilege for us that people are still listening after all this time.”

Join Keane as they revisit the magic of ‘Hopes and Fears’ at Leeds Arena
image: Alex Lake

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